Sometimes it helps to talk to someone who empathizes with your challenges, understands the dynamics of your business and has extensive exposure to similar scenarios and can share ideas.

Business is moving fast. You’re playing “wack-a-mole” putting out fires. Ideas need to be generated. And you recognize that you need to work on your business, not in your business. And you recognize that you do not want to be constrained by solely your own frame of reference or the inherent challenges of groupthink.

What to?

This is where our Advisory Services can help you. Due to our exposure to many companies in multiple industries and our background working in over 60 industries, we’ve seen much. Our Advisory Services enable clients to gain the benefit of our exposure. We can quickly assess a situation, ask the “right” questions (which are sometimes hard and pointy) and share ideas… confidentially. A core competency is our ability to extract disparate pieces of information and distil them into potential workable solutions.

  • Lumiere, our low-cost telephone advisory services
  • Facilitate Customer and Sales Advisory Councils
  • Becoming a member of your Board of Advisors 
  • Joining your leadership team as outsourced member to provide unbiased, industry or channel insights
  • Enroll key future management and/or Millennials in our On Program as these individuals represent your next generation and need to be kept on-track

The goal of our Advisory Services is to be a resource to you and your staff. A listener. An idea generator. A trusted ear and advisor. A resource to help you accelerate growth.