Your Counter Area – Unleash Its Potential

 The quarter is almost over; the yearly planning process is complete. Manufacturers asked you to increase your stock, your commitment to them and your focus on their products; you asked how they can help you increase sales, what are their objectives, their promotional tools, what new products they are introducing and complained about how many [...]

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Why Wait for the Market to Grow?

I don’t have a crystal ball but I can tell you that if you wait to build (grow) your business, you won’t have a business to build! As I read newspapers, listen to the news and talk to friends, everyone says the economy is getting better. But as I talk to people in the industry, [...]

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Manufacturer Rebate Programs

Manufacturer Rebate Programs … Are they worth the cost? Like so many things in life, the answer is yes, no and could be. Back in the 1960’s manufacturers initiated the process of providing rebates to distributors. The concept, as we know it, is for distributors to purchase from manufacturers who provide financial incentives. In many [...]

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Going to War, Cooperatively

Nowadays, doing business is like doing battle. You need to use all of the tools at your disposal, identify ways to bring more firepower to your side and develop allies who support your interests. And why should a manufacturer pick sides. Manufacturers choose sides every day, in their authorization strategies, pricing decisions and allocation of [...]

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Sharing Your Marketing Budget

Trying to achieve more, while spending less? Then share the expense. Yes, there are ways to achieve specific sales and marketing objectives in a cost-efficient way – by teaming up with key suppliers. For many years, manufacturers have offered co-op marketing dollars to distributors to assist in defraying the cost of local marketing efforts. Why? [...]

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Taking Share Means Taking Risks

Yes the economy is slow, and yes no one knows when we will begin to see an upwards trend, but … if you don’t make the investments now to move forward, you will move backward – guaranteed. The days of 8-15% growth are history. As is the ability to cut much more cost out of [...]

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Coop + MDF – Tools for Capturing Market Share

Have manufacturer co-op plans become too institutionalized, too ruled by the budget? Do too many manufacturers provide co-op as a necessary element to stay in the game with distributors while trying to maximize the “breakage”, or percent of claimable funds that stay unused? Do distributors misuse co-op? Do they naively try and claim funds for [...]

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10 Ideas From Outside the Industry

As I peruse my monthly magazines, I periodically come upon some ideas that may have application in our industry. Perhaps some of these have application for you: Compete with Home Depot or Lowe’s,consider attending a seminar presented by Home Channel News entitled “Insider Selling Strategies…To Home Depot/Lowe’s”. The Home Depot session is scheduled for June [...]

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The Sharper Your Focus, The Luckier You Get

“They Got Lucky,” you’ll often hear when someone has success out of the ordinary, especially during tough economic times. People are prone to snipe from the sidelines because they aren’t enjoying much success lately. While some companies do get lucky, most companies enjoying success in down times only seem like they are lucky. Most of [...]

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What Drives Business, Brand or Marketing?

Manufacturers drive awareness, distributors generate sales As manufacturers and distributors begin preparing for 2017/2018 joint planning, both sides need to first develop their own marketing and branding plans for the coming year. Manufacturers are now developing their marketing plans, typically using on advertising to end-user's as a primary communications and marketing tool. While much advertising [...]

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