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What Manufacturers & Reps Don’t Know About Sales Calls

How can joint sales calls become more effective? Overview There are really two ways to increase sales. Sell new customers or sell existing customers more new or existing products. These require planning on the part of distributor sales management, distributor sales people and the manufacturer sales team to more effectively evaluate their customers and to [...]

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Gaining Intelligence to Grow Sales

Someone once said, “Data is important. Once analyzed it becomes information.Information analyzed becomes knowledge, but knowledge, when utilized, can be powerful.” The output, from a business viewpoint, is increased intelligence to enable decisions to be made. The more you know, the better the quality of your decision-making. Everyone has experienced the benefits of improved marketplace [...]

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Color Your Marketing Purple

Huh? I can hear you now. “Coloring” and “purple”. He must have lost his mind. But did it catch your attention? And isn’t that the role of marketing? Recently, Seth Godin, of Permission Marketing fame, wrote a book entitled “Purple Cow.” In a preview in FastCompany, Godin explains that purple marketing is about the need [...]

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Growth Must Come From the Customer

In talking to many manufacturers, their concern is that there is limited industry growth year to year. Sounds surprising! When you dig into the numbers, you get a better appreciation for their concern. The electrical industry has been effectively stagnant. According to Herm Isenstein, DISC Corp., last year the industry’s projected decrease is -.2%!He projects [...]

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Putting Your Marketing Dollars into the Channel

Are Your Marketing Dollars Supporting Your Channel Strategy? Manufacturers drive awareness, distributors drive sales. As manufacturers and distributors prepare for their joint planning, both need to first develop their individual plans. Every manufacturer has growth plans going forward. The question is how? Most say new products and increasing market share – but can everyone increase [...]

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