What is Marketing’s ROI?

Investment dollars are hard to come by and for marketers, explaining the value of marketing can be difficult due to the multitude of initiatives (so which one “created” the need), the role of the salesperson and the fact that the customer needed the item due to a project. Typical marketing metrics relate to sales increases [...]

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Why Advertise in Trade Publications?

Each month many of us read the industry publications, presumably to get a pulse for the industry, sometimes we learn something and other times we glance at the ads (what is the competition doing?) Unfortunately, most of the ads are wasted money. Why? Think back to the last issue you read. Do you remember any [...]

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Your Counter Area – Unleash Its Potential

 The quarter is almost over; the yearly planning process is complete. Manufacturers asked you to increase your stock, your commitment to them and your focus on their products; you asked how they can help you increase sales, what are their objectives, their promotional tools, what new products they are introducing and complained about how many [...]

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