The world of distribution is becoming more challenging. Consider:

  • Consolidation … manufacturers, reps, distributors, customers
  • Tighter customer turnaround times
  • Higher customer service expectations
  • Investments into technology to serve customers
  • Declining margins
  • Increased competition
  • Omnichannel … and new channels to compete against
  • The need to optimize pricing methodologies and deliver consistency
  • Redesigning sales operations and logistics to decrease cost of sales operations while improving customer service
  • The impact of “e” … frose moucgm sales to service to marketing
  • Utilization of data analytics to drive decision-making, sales management, marketing efforts and pricing strategies
  • Broadening product offering to earn share of wallet
  • Thinking about segmenting your customers to focus on those that are profitable, those that can become profitable through growth as well as segmentation by type and business focus … all to tailor marketing, sales, service and product offerings
  • The role of sales

Not to mention potential growth areas that can be service related, expanded product offerings and technology driven.

The challenges, and opportunities, are growing. This is where, quite frankly, Channel Marketing Group can help. You’re focused on delivering for your customer, and your company. You’re caught in the daily fire and addressing today’s issues. Sometimes it helps to have someone who can:

  • Dedicate time to researching issues
  • Solicit input from others
  • Observe how others are responding, or considering acting
  • Evaluate the landscape and make recommendations
  • Provide additional assistance and input, to your staff
  • Recommend solutions, and alternatives

You need someone who can strategically help you consider options. And your staff may need a resource to gather insight, conceive options and develop ideas that can be put into action to drive today’s business.

What differentiates distributors is how you think about market dynamics and act upon change. Ask us how we can help you identify, plan, communicate, and deliver your difference.