For manufacturers that go to market via channels, your sales organization, be it a direct sales force, a network of manufacturer representatives or a hybrid that is supported by specialists, is an integral element of your brand and your company.While technically not “salespeople” (as frequently they do not consummate the order), the are the connection between the manufacturer, the distributor, specifiers and the end-buyer. They become the tip of the spear in manufacturer relations and the representation of the brand.

These organizations and individuals:

  • Interact with distributors to gain brand preference, earn shelf space, train their staffs, plan for growth, provide quotations and customer service and assist in developing customer opportunities.
  • Generate demand for products by presenting solutions and new products to specifiers / engineers, contractors and end-users.

As a manufacturer rep, you know your importance within the channel and see change everywhere:

    1. Consolidation of reps
    2. Consolidation of suppliers which may result in adding, or losing, a line or territory
    3. Attracting new lines to expand your value proposition
    4. Continuous technology investment
    5. Balancing distributor support, demand creation at influencer and end-users and supplier requests for information
    6. Provide increased engineering and technical product support as well as other value-added services to end-users and distributors
    7. A plethora of new products to promote
    8. Building the supplier’s brand in your marketplace
    9. Differentiating yourself, and hence your brand, to all audiences

All while determining, and executing upon, your longer-term business plan.

Channel Marketing Group understands the unique role of the independent manufacturer representative organization and supports reps through:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Manufacturer 360o Feedback Insights
  3. Distributor Satisfaction Survey
  4. Marketing Strategies
  5. Facilitating Retreats
  6. Providing Joint Business Planning Guidance
  7. Advisory Services