Overview Approach

The battle for market share is rampant amongst manufacturers in the construction and industrial trades. Today’s challenges include:

  • Channel convergence
  • Increased competition
  • Channel and competitor consolidation
  • Changing buying habits and decision drivers
  • More focus on vertical and application marketing

Manufacturers are asking:

  • Which channel will end-users and contractors buy from?
  • How can I differentiate my products, services and myself to various channel stakeholders?
  • How do my “customers” perceive me?
  • What do my sales organizations need to be successful?
  • Where is the market going? And “whom” is the market?
  • What does my brand mean, and to whom? Does it define me the way I want to be defined?
  • Where are growth opportunities?
  • What does my channel need to help us mutually grow sales?
  • How can I segment my channel to improve my overall performance?

And more:

Channel Marketing Group helps manufacturers answer these questions, and more. Our channel expertise, and work with distributors and manufacturer reps, helps us understand channel-wide challenges so we can gain insights that enable win-win recommendations.

Be it developing your channel strategy, enhancing your distributor planning process and “program”, conducting a manufacturer rep 360o, soliciting distributor and end-user feedback, designing a channel engagement strategy to capture incremental sales and share or solicit competitive and marketplace insights, we can deliver ideas that will drive results.