Performance marketing, or perhaps more accurately it should be called quantitative marketing, is a marketing mentality that says all marketing initiatives should have metrics that support specific objectives.Channel Marketing Group has experience in helping clients:

  • Measure brand preference
  • Designing short-term promotional initiatives from “do this get that” promotions to “steps to the sale” and target account initiatives. We’ve recommended everything from plateau programs and simple promotions to “free buying days, scratch card and peel off initiatives to our proprietary PCRewardNet that utilizes a PIN code where promotion winners have randomly generated an award from a selection of 3 to 3000 items.
  • Conceiving performance incentive strategies that drive customer engagement, loyalty and result in increased sales
  • Developing incentive travel and merchandise reward programs as well as involving suppliers to bring added value to program participants.
  • Drive training and counter day participation
  • And more.

Every marketing activity can be measured. The question is, what are the right metrics?