Top line revenue growth is the mantra of all companies as it ensures ongoing profitability and viability of an organization.

Strategic planning involves formulating business goals that take into account your company’s market environment and resources and then laying out a sequence of actions to accomplish those goals. Strategic management is the way a strategic plan is internalized and carried out. Your plan becomes the guidepost for ongoing decision-making relating to growth plans, supplier strategies, organizational structure, investment opportunities and more. Much of this is guided by the vision for the organizational, the mission on what to achieve, organizational values and then the roadmap to the desired “end result.”

Like a road trip, rarely do companies strictly follow the plan. Things change, whether it is new, unexpected opportunities; marketplace / economic changes; personnel changes; or customer dynamics. The key is adjusting and then re-evaluating to ensure that the end goals can still be achieved.

Channel Marketing Group works with manufacturers and distributors to assess their go-to- market strategies, recommend strategic plans and position the company to capitalize on emerging trends while maintaining flexibility.

Strategic Planning Leverages

  • Insights obtained from customers, employees, suppliers, and the marketplace
    • This occurs through surveys, interviews, group meetings, retreats and secondary research.
  • Integrated quantitative analysis and forecasting information
  • Stakeholder objectives
    • What are ownership/management goals and appetite for risk? What are their view of the organization?
  • Competitive dynamics and
  • Organizational culture to outline a guide for future growth.

Our Process

Channel Marketing Group’s GPS (growth-planning-system) is a comprehensive five-step process covering:

  • Corporate Insights and Goals
  • 360 Input Gathering
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Strategy Recommendations
  • Execution

The depth of the planning process can be scaled based upon client needs and adjusted based upon annual, three-year and five-year planning horizons as well as company size.

And, if desired, Channel Marketing Group can provide guidance throughout the execution of your plan.