Who We Are

Channel Marketing Group helps manufacturers and distributors in the construction and industrial industries accelerate growth. This is achieved through:

  • Company introspection
  • Marketplace research
  • Customer insights and
  • The development of performance-driven initiatives that engage your organization, salespeople and customers.

Each are integrated to assist clients in the areas of strategic planning, marketing engagement, market research and by providing advisory services.

Other potential initiatives include:

  • Structuring business development resources to maximize performance
  • Voice of customer and customer satisfaction research
  • Channel strategy optimization and development
  • Competitive insights
  • Sales organization evaluation
  • Facilitating advisory councils
  • Developing preferred supplier marketing strategies
  • eMarketing initiatives
  • Incentive program design, support and RFP development
  • Identifying market size, and share, for product categories and for distributors

Our goal is to develop ideas that deliver results for you.

Our Philosophy 

Marketing creates the environment for your sales organization to succeed. A great sales organization can only take a company so far. Marketing impacts a broader customer base, quicker, more frequently and with greater efficiency. Effectively promoting your business; servicing your customers and creating the belief that your company is better is what creates the competitive difference.

The key to achieving a marketing mentality in a business-to-business environment is thinking like a consumer and seeking specific objectives with each strategy that is developed. Every company is unique – its solutions are unique. In a mature industry, companies compete on customer service and marketing. Channel Marketing Group is about helping clients capture insights to accelerate growth.

Join our Executive-in-Residence Program

Channel Marketing Groups Executive-in-Residence program brings subject matter expertise to client engagements. We partner with complementary consultants, retired industry leaders who want to stay connected to the business and others … sometimes people between opportunities … to:

  • Assist in research projects
  • Provide clients with specific areas of expertise that, quite frankly, are not our core areas but are integral to the success of the project.
  • Bring new services to clients

Email us to learn more about our Executive-in-Residence program and how you can participate.