Developing A Successful Planning Process

If developing a plan lead to success, then why do manufacturers abdicate their responsibility? Distributors and Reps Suffer from Lack of Information & Training Summary: For years manufacturers lamented the quality of joint planning with distributors. Distributors focused, and improved. Marketing groups contributed to the process. Now, many distributors comment on the poor quality of [...]

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Can An Agency Help?

Marketing Help Comes in All Shapes Recently I ran a panel discussion at the NAED Marketing Conference. The panel consisted of John Favalo from Sage Marcom, Syracuse, NY and Peter Palermo from Maier Advertising, Farmington, CT, who shared their thoughts about future marketing trends and experiences that they have had with non-industry clients. The intent [...]

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Color Your Marketing Purple

Huh? I can hear you now. “Coloring” and “purple”. He must have lost his mind. But did it catch your attention? And isn’t that the role of marketing? Recently, Seth Godin, of Permission Marketing fame, wrote a book entitled “Purple Cow.” In a preview in FastCompany, Godin explains that purple marketing is about the need [...]

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Growth Must Come From the Customer

In talking to many manufacturers, their concern is that there is limited industry growth year to year. Sounds surprising! When you dig into the numbers, you get a better appreciation for their concern. The electrical industry has been effectively stagnant. According to Herm Isenstein, DISC Corp., last year the industry’s projected decrease is -.2%!He projects [...]

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Putting Your Marketing Dollars into the Channel

Are Your Marketing Dollars Supporting Your Channel Strategy? Manufacturers drive awareness, distributors drive sales. As manufacturers and distributors prepare for their joint planning, both need to first develop their individual plans. Every manufacturer has growth plans going forward. The question is how? Most say new products and increasing market share – but can everyone increase [...]

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Why Advertise in Trade Publications?

Each month many of us read the industry publications, presumably to get a pulse for the industry, sometimes we learn something and other times we glance at the ads (what is the competition doing?) Unfortunately, most of the ads are wasted money. Why? Think back to the last issue you read. Do you remember any [...]

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Your Counter Area – Unleash Its Potential

 The quarter is almost over; the yearly planning process is complete. Manufacturers asked you to increase your stock, your commitment to them and your focus on their products; you asked how they can help you increase sales, what are their objectives, their promotional tools, what new products they are introducing and complained about how many [...]

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Why Wait for the Market to Grow?

I don’t have a crystal ball but I can tell you that if you wait to build (grow) your business, you won’t have a business to build! As I read newspapers, listen to the news and talk to friends, everyone says the economy is getting better. But as I talk to people in the industry, [...]

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Manufacturer Rebate Programs

Manufacturer Rebate Programs … Are they worth the cost? Like so many things in life, the answer is yes, no and could be. Back in the 1960’s manufacturers initiated the process of providing rebates to distributors. The concept, as we know it, is for distributors to purchase from manufacturers who provide financial incentives. In many [...]

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Going to War, Cooperatively

Nowadays, doing business is like doing battle. You need to use all of the tools at your disposal, identify ways to bring more firepower to your side and develop allies who support your interests. And why should a manufacturer pick sides. Manufacturers choose sides every day, in their authorization strategies, pricing decisions and allocation of [...]

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